Edgar A. Carrillo (Camargo) found Dead in Yuma, family talks.

Edgar A. Carrillo (Camargo) found Dead in Yuma, family talks.


YUMA, AZ – At 17-years-old Edgar A. Carrillo of Somerton was young with a troubled life at times and may have been involved with Somerton gangs according to his family. However, the family says Edgar was trying to change for the better.

Janitta Carrillo, Edgar's Aunt says Edgar always said he loved his grandma and he wanted to do better for the woman who raised him.

Janitta says her and Edgar grew up together in the same house and close in age they were more like siblings. She says the news of Edgar's death came as a shock to her and the rest of the family when they heard it from Yuma Police Officers who came knocking on their door Saturday afternoon asking questions.

According to Police who ruled the death suspicious they were called out to the 1000 block of S. 8th Avenue Saturday morning in Yuma in regards to a body that had been found. Janitta tells News 13, "They said the reason they were asking so many questions is because they found a body that has been deceased over three days behind a house behind their backyard and the body was between two vehicles."

The family says the Yuma neighborhood in which Edgar was found may have been a bad neighborhood for him to be in. Janitta says she's heard Yuma has a lot of gangs and although she isn't certain her nephew was involved with one she knows he's had some enemies in the past. She says "I feel like in my heart that probably he was in the wrong neighborhood you know and probably someone did something to him."

The family says as of Tuesday Edgar's body has been sent to Tucson to the medical examiner where they hope to get answers. In the mean time, Janitta and the rest of her family are pleading for someone to come forward. She tells News 13, "Someone has to know something we don't know anything about who took him because he doesn't have a car or how he got there where he was staying in Yuma."

The Yuma Police Department continues to investigate and anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Pouquette at (928) 373-4696 or 78-Crime to remain anonymous.

Anyone interested in donating to the Carrillo family for Edgar's funeral expenses may do so at Wells Fargo under Elvira Carrillo Account number 1611311505.

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