Lead detective in the murder case of Yuma doctor gives testimony

Lead detective in the murder case of Yuma doctor gives testimony


Yuma, AZ - It's the 20th day of the Preston Strong Trial and Srg.Ron Rodriguez from the Yuma Police department took the stand. He testified he is the Supervisor of Major Crimes and he was in charge of the investigation conducted at the home of doctor Satinder Gill in November of 2007.

On the stand he was asked by the defense to identify numerous pictures taken at the scene. The photos included a variety of shots taken in different locations of the property before and after evidence was gathered.

The defense has asked numerous times throughout the trial why many things weren't processed or collected for evidence. The defense was looking for answers from the man in charge of the scene.

Srg. Rodriguez testified that while he was in charge of the scene, the members of his team each did their individual tasks on their own. He did not personally collect evidence nor did he process the scene.

The defense also wanted to know if detectives followed up on information regarding a package.

Defense- "Do you know if whether the United States Postal Inspectors were called regarding the package."

Srg. Rodriguez- "I do not know."

Several witnesses at the Desert Heart Vascular Center where Dr. Gill worked had testified a suspicious male called the office regarding a package for Dr. Gill on November 1st 2007, the day he was murdered.

They all said Dr.Gill had left the office to pick it up and he never came back. The defense said the search warrant issued for Strong's vehicle and home mentioned the package.

She said the package was listed as evidence used against him.

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