Prosecution questioning testimony of Preston Strong's alibis

Prosecution questioning testimony of Preston Strong's alibis


Yuma, AZ- It's the 21st day of the Preston Strong Trial and Doyle McCurley, the owner of McCurley Bail Bonds took the stand. He testified he knew of Preston Strong's whereabouts on November 1st of 2007. The Day Doctor Gill was murdered.

Doyle McCurley is the third witness of Strong's to testify as his alibi since the trial started. Doyle's mother Lillian and sister Mindy have all given testimony and have all told the same story.

All three witnesses say they don't believe Strong is the suspect who killed Dr. Gill. They have all testified that Strong was at their business across the street from the Yuma County Court house the day of the murder.

They all said he was hanging around in their lobby from around 9am until 5pm but that he did leave a couple times.

Prosecution - "In regards to Strong leaving your office, is that 10-15min total, or each time?"

Doyle- "Each Time."

YPD does not view the McCurley's alibis as credible.

Sergeant Ron Rodriguez the Supervisor of Major Crimes for the Yuma Police Department said in testimony this morning that some times people lie, are confused about days and times and or try to protect family or friends.

In this particular case he said the McCurley's did not come forward until 2010, which is why they are skeptical. Also workers from Applebee's testified Strong came in to each lunch on November 1st for approximately and hour and he was also seen at the car dealership where he worked.

Doyle testified he recalls speaking to police during the initial investigation.

YPD has no record of this. Mindy and Lillian McCurley had both testified that Strong was a family friend and he had even attended their home for thanksgiving a couple times.

Doyle testified that Strong was an acquaintance to him. The prosecution wanted to know why he and Strong had close to 50 conversation since strong has been locked up.

"As a Bail bondsman it's in your best interest to be as friendly with as many people in custody as possible. If you upset someone they tell everyone else don't call that guy," said Doyle.

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