Sesame Street Live tour stops at MCAS-Yuma

Sesame Street Live tour stops at MCAS-Yuma

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Yuma--Many children in military families can relate to the experience of "Katie", Sesame Street's new character who has to relocate to different bases throughout her life.

The Sesame Street live tour in conjunction with the United Service Organization stopped by the Marine Corps Air station Yuma to offer valuable life lessons for children.

"We hope that it will empower them, give them strength, the energy and the ability to make new friends," Tom Zaizar, company manager of Sesame Street Live said. "When they go to the next base because at the age its so hard when you're in transition."

Elmo and his friends teach children how to make and maintain friendships while having to relocate.

Ashley Mutinga, whose father is in the military talks about how difficult it is for her when she has to move and leave her friends.

"I feel really sad because after we're gone..,.I know they'll miss me," she said. "I'll miss them because they'll not be able to be with me anymore."

Veronica Garcia, a mother of two who recently relocated from Texas to MCAS Yuma loved the concept of the show.

"It's kind of hard for him, like getting used to the place and being apart from his family," Garcia said. "But he's readjusting, now that he's getting a little older, its getting easier for him."

The Sesame Street/USO experience for military families will show again Friday, September, 7th at 9:30a.m.

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