Red Cross Shelter for Storm Victims

Red Cross Shelter for Storm Victims


YUMA, AZ - The American Red Cross is busy helping people without power from yesterday's storms. A shelter opened around two o'clock this afternoon in the Foothills. The American Red Cross says they'll be there to provide people with food to eat and a place to sleep until power is restored.

   Earlier today, the Red Cross set up a cooling station at Mount Zion church in the 24-hundred block of East 24th Street. One of the big demands? Dry ice. People put it in their refrigerators and freezers to keep food cold when the power is out. Two large, blue plastic bins were full of dry ice, but they quickly ran out.

Inside the church, people without power found a cool place to sit and relax. Red Cross workers were on-hand to give them the latest information on power restoration estimates from APS.

There was also plenty of food available, everything from bagged sandwiches to snacking chips and fresh fruit. There was also plenty of ice and drinking water as well.

The Mount Zion cooling station has since been shut down. Now the focus is on the shelter at Castle Dome Middle School. Andretta Schellinger of the American Red Cross explains the difference between a cooling station and a shelter.

"A cooling station is only open for one day and what it does is it just facilitates individuals to come get cool water and to get some food so they do not have to open their refrigerator. What a shelter does is it allows people to stay overnight, so it has more facilities, showers, changing rooms for children and that sort of thing," explains Schellinger.

The American Red Cross has set up accommodations for storm victims at Castle Dome Middle School. The address is 2353 South Otondo Drive near the Foothills. They say they'll stay as long as necessary.

For those with animals, the humane society of Yuma is standing by to step in to take care of our four-legged family members. A shelter area will be set up next to the gym, where pets will be fed and sheltered as well.

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