Two from YPD take the stand in the Preston Strong Trial: Day 22

Two from YPD take the stand in the Preston Strong Trial: Day 22


Yuma, AZ - It's the 22nd day of the Preston Strong Trial and today William Martin took the stand. He testified he was working with the homicide unit that was on the scene investigating the death of Doctor Satinder Gill in November of 2007.

On the stand Martin was asked by the defense to identify numerous pictures taken at the scene.

They even brought out the pair of pants Dr. Gill was found in.

"It looks like the same. They may be the same. I don't know for a fact myself that those are the pants. I am assuming they are since they are all wrapped up and they have all the proper initials on it," said Martin.

The defense wanted to know if he wore gloves or booties while walking in the house.

He testified he didn't.

The defense wanted to know if he could have touched anything or left behind finger prints. He said his main task was to make observations.

I would initially go in, and I would use a tape recorder and I would just walk through and record what I was seeing, what I smelled like, what I heard," said Martin.

He testified he doesn't recall touching anything.

The defense also questioned why certain items weren't collected for evidence.

Martin said that it wasn't his call but he did agree that some of the items could have contained important DNA.

Also taking the stand Laura Scanlan from the Yuma Police Department, she testified she was on scene investigating the death of Dr. Gill.

The defense asked her similar questions regarding the way YPD handled the investigation and her roll.

They also had her identify the pants Dr. Gill was found dead in. She couldn't say for certain if those were the pants they found him wearing.

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