POWer PLAY'tes Help Yuma School Kids Eat Healthy

POWer PLAY'tes Help Yuma School Kids Eat Healthy


YUMA, AZ - Power Play'tes a healthy eating initiative created quite a frenzy among students at Knox Elementary School Wednesday.

The new project is a team effort between lime light creative group, Yuma elementary schools and a JV Smith Companies to fight childhood obesity. Kristan Sheppeard from Limelight Creative Group says "With the New USDA Mandates that the school lunches have half the fruits and vegetables on their plate we really needed to add that fun and exciting component and get kids excited and want the vegetables."

Similar to the USDA's choose my plate, a Power Play'tes are kid friendly paper plates designed to encourage children to eat more fresh produce. She says, as a former educator the key is to approach it through play making it fun for kids to learn about local produce grown right here in their own community. With Yuma being the winter vegetable capital of the world it's the community's local crops that are going to put healthy food options on Power Play'tes thus helping fight childhood obesity.

Sheppeard and her business partner Susan Sternitzke from Limelight say the new project is being introduced to elementary schools throughout Yuma County. She says "93% of the winter vegetables are coming from Yuma and feeding the country so the answer to these child hood obesity problems or at least one of the answers and to a lot of illnesses and health problems is growing right here in this community. It's so exciting we need to be shouting it out and that's what we're hoping Power Play'tes does."

Aliana Padilla and Luke Foppe are just two school kids expressing excitement over eating off the new Power Play'tes and they are already learning the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They tell News 13 "If you eat healthy food you'll get strong and you'll get bigger and you'll get smart!"


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