Detective testifies suspicious items found in Strong's Trash can

Detective testifies suspicious items found in Strong's Trash can


Yuma, AZ- Clay Poquette a Yuma Police Department Detective took the Stand today during the Preston Strong Trial. He testified that he executed a search warrant at the home of Preston Strong back in November of 2007.

He said he found some items in the trash can outside of the home that he thought were out of place.

"A white sock, fairly clean and undamaged and one Lugz Brand white shoe," said Detective Pouqutte. He said he also found one latex glove.

Detective Pouquette said the home was actually owned by Strong's ex girlfriend Adriana Ozuna.

During this trial she had testified that she had not been living in her home and had been staying with her mother. She was in the process of selling.

The defense wanted to know if any of the trash bags or items found in the trash can had been processed for DNA or prints.

Detective Pouquette testified things had been taken in, but that he wasn't sure if any tests were ran.

The defense also wanted to know if they found any clues or things that belonged to Dr. Gill in the home.

He testified they didn't.

Also today in Court Judge John Nelson notified the prosecution and defense that Robin Gogte had sent him a letter saying she could not come in to testify because of a medical condition.

Judge Nelson said the court could make accommodations for this key witness by having her testify through video.

Robin Gogte was the wife of Dr. Gill's best friend Sudheer Gogte.

Sudheer owned the Desert Heart Vascular Center where Dr.Gill worked.

The defense has tried to shift the blame on the Gogtes for Dr.Gill's death numerous times throughout the trial.

As of this point in time they are not considered suspects.

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