YPD ID technician takes the stand: Strong Trial Day 25

YPD ID technician takes the stand: Strong Trial Day 25


Yuma, AZ- Kellie Clayton is one of several finger print experts who have taken the stand since the trial started.

She testified that she is an identification technician. She said she processed and reviewed the prints that were lifted from Doctor Satinder Gill's home where he was murdered.

On stand Clayton was asked by the defense to identify numerous cards with prints lifted from various surfaces at the crime scene. The defense wanted to know who the prints belonged to.

Defense- Was Preston Strong excluded as a donor of the impressions that were found in the Acura?

Witness- Yes mam

Prints were lifted from Dr. Gill's vehicles, the kitchen area, the master bathroom, his bedroom, and from various items found in the house.

Clayton testified that no identification had been made linking strong to any part of the crime scene. She also testified that many of the prints weren't of sufficient value to use for identification.

She said the automated fingerprint identification system rejected all but 6 prints.

In other testimony it was reported that several glove like prints were lifted from the scene.

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