Exercise Desert Fire preparedness drill at MCAS- Yuma

Exercise Desert Fire preparedness drill at MCAS- Yuma


YUMA, AZ - Exercise Desert Fire took place today. It tests the preparedness of Marine Air Corps Station- Yuma and local first responders.

The exercise simulates an active shooting situation and includes simulated casualties, hostage negotiations, medical triage, evacuation of personnel and even working with the media, just like they would in a real situation.

The intent of Exercise Desert Fire is to increase emergency response capabilities and to improve cross-agency communications during a crisis.

"Unfortunately we have seen plenty of real world events on bases so its good to have a plan in place you can flex to if needed," said Lt. Col. Glen Linstrom.

The exercise area was off limits to people not participating in the drill to maintain safety and increase the realism of the simulated incident.

It ran from 7am-1pm.

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