Computer forensics expert and others take the stand:Strong day26

Computer forensics expert and others take the stand:Strong day26


Yuma, AZ - It's day 26 of the Preston Strong trial and today a computer forensics expert, an ID technician and a Yuma Police Department officer all took the stand.

Kellie Claytons testimony continued today. She is an identification technician that processed and reviewed the prints that were lifted from Doctor Satinder Gill's home where he was murdered.

The prosecution had her explain some of her findings.

"I'm seeing an impression left by a barrier method, it has a pattern to it," said Clayton.

Clayton said several objects in key areas of the crime scene had the same impressions. She said it was a fabric like material.

Also taking the stand for the second time since the trial started LT. Karla Simmons with YPD.

The prosecution had only a couple questions for her.

Prosecutor- Has Doyle McCurley ever told you that Preston Strong was at his work place on November 1st of 2007.

Witness- No he did not.

They also wanted to know if Mccurley's sister or mom ever told her about strong being at their business Mccurleys bail bonds on that day. She said no.

All three McCurleys have testified as Strong's alibis in this trial.

YPD does not view the Mccurleys alibis as credible.

And the last person to take the stand detective John Gawler with the YPD. He is the computer forensics expert that examined the hard drive from Dr.Gills home computer.

He reviewed Dr.Gill's computer history and found that he had visited Bank of America online several times on November 1, 2007, the day he was murdered.

He testified that the computer was not used again after that day.

The Preston Strong Trial Will Reporting from the Yuma County Court house Marie Hamill KSWT NEWS 13.

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