Lead detective takes the stand in the Preston Strong trial

Lead detective takes the stand in the Preston Strong trial


Yuma, AZ - It's day 27 of the Preston Strong Trial and today Esmundo Tejeda took the stand. He is a Yuma Police Department Detective that investigated the murder of Doctor Satinder Gill.

Detective Tejeda has also sat alongside the prosecution since the trial started. He is the official agent assigned to this case.

The prosecution wanted to know more details about strong's alibis.

Mindy, Doyle and Lillian McCurley, the owners of McCurleys Bail Bonds have all testified that Strong could not have been the killer because he was at their business the whole day on November 1st of 2007, the day Dr.Gill was murdered.

YPD does not view their alibi credible due to inconsistencies in their testimonies.

Detective Tejeda testified that he had interviewed Mindy McCurley 2 times since the death of Dr.Gill and he said she had never mentioned anything about Strong being at her business the day of the murder until 2010.

He said he recorded the interviews without notifying her first.

The defense brought up that mindy McCurley was never asked specifically if Strong was at her business on the day of the murder.

Detective Tejeda confirmed this.

The prosecution made use of the court room ezel board. William Katz was writing down the number of phone calls between strong's former girl friend Adriana Ozuna and Mindy McCurley.

Detective Tejeda testified that phone records show Ozuna and Mindy McCurley had zero phone calls between October 1st and November of 1st of 2007.

But from November 2nd to November 29th of that year they had at least 55 conversations.

The prosecutions wanted to know why there were several phone calls between Strong and Ozuna between the hours of 6 and 9pm if they were watching a movie.

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