Yuma's 3rd Annual Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

Yuma's 3rd Annual Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims


YUMA - Yuma's Third Annual Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims took place Thursday evening. Dozens of people turned out at West Wetland Park around six o'clock.

The event was hosted by the Yuma County Victims' Right Committee. It gave friends and families of murder victims a chance to share their experiences and honor the people they have lost.

Cindy McGuire is the vigil's chairperson. She lost her 22 year old son to murder. McGuire says the event is important because it brings people together, who truly understand what it means to lose someone who is murdered.

After guest speakers addressed the crowd, a music video played showing the faces, names and ages of the victims. They were young and old, men and women … all of their lives ended at the hands of another human being.

The ceremony concluded with people placing flameless candles in front of a "Wall of Remembrance" which held photographs of the victims.

Refreshments were served as people congregated and talked afterwards.

The National Day of Remembrance began in 2007. It will be observed on Saturday.

A homicide support group called, "Forever in our Hearts" is being organized. It's scheduled to start November 1st at the Hospice of Yuma Conference Center at six o'clock in the evening.

For more information, call Linda King at 928-817-4398 or Gina Murrieta at 928-343-2222.

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