Does Shooter really live in D13- AZ Democrats want to know

Does Shooter really live in D13- AZ Democrats want to know


Yuma, AZ- Does Senator Don Shooter really live in District 13, that's what a spokesperson from the Arizona Democratic Party wants to know.

Reliable witnesses say his car is always parked at his previous address," says DB Mitchell with the Arizona Democratic Party.

His old home is in the new district 4.

News 13 went out to his old residence on 17th Place today and saw one car in the drive way.

Mitchell says they are hoping to disqualify him from the election because they believe he isn't living in the district he represents.

"Don shooter had to move out of a heavily democratic district into a safe republican district. The Problem is there is no rental affidavit on file with the Yuma County Assessors Office for the condo he says he lives in now and that's required by law," Says Mitchell.

Mitchell says Shooter claims he is renting the condo on Palo Verde Lane.

However Shooters landlord never filed a rental affidavit, proving the senator doesn't live there according to Mitchell.

The Arizona Constitution requires lawmakers to live within their counties for one year and in their respective districts at they time they run for office.

"He needs to prove he really is living in the district he is running for," says Mitchell.

We tried to contact Don Shooter but our phone calls to the senator have gone unanswered.

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