Detective Tejeda back on the stand: Preston Strong trial day 28

Detective Tejeda back on the stand: Preston Strong trial day 28


Yuma, AZ- Esumundo Tejedas testimony continued today. He was on stand last week and has given testimony several times throughout the trial. Tejeda is the lead detective that investigated the murder of Doctor Satinder Gill.

During cross examination Detective Tejeda was asked to identify items taken in as evidence from the crime scene.

Detective Tejeda is holding a candle taken from the home of doctor Gill where he was murdered.

The candle is important because police say the burners on the stove were turned on with no flame and candles were lit throughout the home when they arrived on November 2nd of 2007.

Police suspect the gas was on and the candles were lit in effort ignite the gas and start a fire to cover up the murder. The defense used the ezel board to do some math on the burning rate of the candles.

Detective Tejeda said they did not know the state of the candles before they were lit. He said it was irrelevant. He said the average burn rate for those types of candles ranged between 30 and 35 hours.

Tejeda was also asked to identify phone records. The prosecution stepped in and wanted to know more details about the phone calls made between Preston strong and his former girl friend Adriana Ozuna on November 1st 2007 the day Doctor Gill was murdered.

Ozuna had testified that she and strong had been watching a movie on the evening hours of November 1st.

Phone records showed differently and today the witness pointed out that Strong ignored 12 calls from Ozuna during important hours on that evening.

The Preston Strong trial started in July. This is a bench Trial which means Superior Court Judge John Nelson will return the verdict. If Strong is found guilty he could spend up to life in prison.

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