Forensic expert takes the stand during the Preston Strong trial

Forensic expert takes the stand during the Preston Strong trial


Yuma, AZ - Testimony given by Frank Rogers a forensic consultant raised questions about the findings made by other ID technicians and print experts involved with the investigation of Doctor Satinder Gill's death.

Rogers was hired to review latent prints lifted from the crime scene. Rogers testified his conclusions were different from Robert Tavaneros.

Tavanero is a latent print examiner who also examined the prints from the crime scene and has already testified during this trial.

"I feel his report has conclusions over stated in stronger language than I can support," said Rogers.

Unlike Tavenero, Rogers doesn't believe the prints found came from a common source.

Tavanero previously testified they found cloth or leather like impressions throughout key areas of the crime scene and in a vehicle Strong was allegedly driving on the day of the murder.

Rogers could not connect the impressions found in the vehicle to any print found at the crime scene.

The prosecution stepped in and questioned Rogers opinions.

ID technicians testified that they found similar impressions on all the knobs of the stove.

Prosecution- "Are you excluding that this is made by a fabric like material exerting pressure and turning a knob?"

Rogers- "This image is so crummy, I am willing to make that exclusion."

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