Manhunt continues for Yuma snack bar robber, victim speaks out

Manhunt continues for Yuma snack bar robber, victim speaks out

Jessie Teposte Jessie Teposte

YUMA, AZ.- Arco Iris, a family run snack bar in the 1200 block of 8th Street, was the target of an armed robbery Thursday afternoon.

The owners son, Jesus Valenzuela, says he was nervous but brave while the armed robbery was happening. 

Valenzuela says he, his little brother, mother, and father were behind the counter when they were robbed.

He says the suspect entered with a gun at his side, "he came in and wrapped it, he had it covered with a black rag, but he was leaning face down covering his face."

Valenzuela says the robber demanded all their money.

He says the family tried to take him down after giving him what was in the register, "me and my dad rushed him." Valenzuela says the robber then got into a vehicle and fled, "my mom comes outside with a knife and pops the tire."

Yuma police identified the suspect as 24 year old Jessie Teposte.

They say after Teposte fled the scene in a vehicle, he was then driven to the area of 8th Avenue and 12th Street by a woman. Police took her into custody Thursday evening but she has since been released.

YPD's Special Enforcement unit has since searched two houses for Teposte but both have come up empty.

Teposte is considered armed and dangerous.

Police say call them immediately if you see him at (928) 373 - 4700.

Yuma police say Teposte is also wanted for an outstanding warrant for kidnapping, aggravated assault, and obstructing a criminal investigation.

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