Yuma barricade suspect faces 3 charges of aggravated assault

Yuma barricade suspect faces 3 charges of aggravated assault

Chad Diener Chad Diener

YUMA, AZ. - A suspect in connection with a standoff with police that lasts for hours into the early morning goes before a judge.

The Yuma Police Department says Chad Diener made sexual comments to a 40 year old woman around 7 p.m. Monday.

It happened in the 2500 block of S Virginia Drive.

They say afterwards an altercation occurred between Diener, the woman, and her 8 year old son. YPD says at that point Diener started waiving around a box cutter. 

Police say during the assault the woman was knocked to the ground. They say she suffered non-life threatening injuries from the blade and from strikes delivered by Diener.

Neighbors tell News 13 Diener ran into his apartment after the incident. They say police broke the window of his apartment just after one in the morning, went inside and tased him.

Diener was then booked into Yuma County jail.

The 36 year old appeared in Yuma Justice Court facing 3 counts of aggravated assault Tuesday afternoon.

State prosecutors believe Diener is a danger to the community and is also a flight risk.

After making several attempts to speak during the court proceeding, Judge Gregory Stewart advised Diener that it wouldn't be in his best interest to make statements about the charges pending against him.

Judge Stewart then asked if he wanted to say something in regards to his bond. Diener replied by saying, "I'm mentally ill, I don't think I can stay in here even under a bond so within that jurisdiction of why I do wish to be released to CIA (Community Intervention Associates) in which I am under their caretaker and giver."

Diener's bond was set by Judge Stewart at $400,000 at the state's request.

He's due back in court Thursday at 1 p.m.

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