Hundreds come out for an Anti-crime Protest in Mexicali

Hundreds come out for an Anti-crime Protest in Mexicali

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MEXICALI - In an effort to bring attention to the violence towards immigrants in Mexico, a non-profit organization led a protest through the city of Mexicali earlier today.

Hundreds came out to support the battle against the continued violence towards those that head north to seek a better life.

Sergio Tamai is the Director of the non-profit, Angeles Sin Fronteras. He says that protests like these demonstrate the strength & unity.

"These are the voices that we no longer hear", he says. The voices of the desert if you will. We represent all those that have been affected by this corrupt situation. We are here to speak on behalf of all those innocent souls, because they no longer can".

The march started at "El Hotel Del Migrante", a hotel turned into a shelter, and traveled through the city protesting in front of several government buildings.

At the National Institute of Immigration, Leonardo Fernandez Aceves, assured that the safety of those in Mexicali is priority to the department.

"Everything from the way they are treated here locally", he says. "To the way they are deported from the United States"

At the department of public safety, Daniel De La Rosa said that the individuals behind these crimes will be severely dealt with. He also told the crowd that he will personally visit the shelter later in the day.

"This matter requires a lot of attention", he says. "And it will get it. You will get answers, not only locally or statewide but further than that".

One of the stops for the march was at the Calexico West port of Entry. The protesters at one point blocked any traffic from crossing the border. They apologized to the motorists and explained what was going on.

The motorists were understanding of the situation. Like Angeles Sin Fronteras, they know the importance of the public's opinion.

"To us, these protests are vital, says Sergio Tamai Garcia. "You don't see them everywhere. We have left a mark here in Mexicali. We were heard today".

At the end of the day, more than 10 miles was covered by the traveling crowd… all of them with a clear message to those who were willing to listen.

The march ended with them protesting in front of the Governor's office. No arrests were made and no injuries were reported, just the way the coordinators planned it.

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