Police Investigators Again Take Stand In Strong Trial on Day 31

Police Investigators Again Take Stand In Strong Trial on Day 31


Yuma, AZ- Nikki Pertrin took the stand Wednesday during the Preston Strong trial. She works as a criminalist for the Department of Public Safety.

Pertrin testified that she received numerous items from the crime scene in March of 2012. She said she was asked to look for traces of blood and skin cells.

The defense spent some time asking her about a terry cloth robe belt. Police believe the belt was used to strangle and suffocate Dr.Satinder Gill.

Pertrin testified that she didn't find any skin cells or blood on the belt.

The prosecution wanted to know if a cloth like glove could transfer material to that type of belt.

She couldn't answer yes or no, she said it would depend on the situation.

She also testified that she found a blood spot on the pants Dr.Gill was wearing the day he was murdered. But she did not identify who the blood belonged to.

Cruz Vidal from the Yuma Police Department also took the stand today. She testified that she reviewed bank statements and phone records. The defense had her read off all the money transactions that happened between Preston Strong and his former girlfriend Adriana Ozuna during 2006.

From December- 2006 to August 2007, Ozuna had received close to $7,000 from Strong.

In previous testimony Ozuna had stated that Strong had given her $9,500 cash on November 2, 2007. The day after Dr.Gill was found dead and $24,000 was missing from his home.

The defense was trying to show that it was normal for Strong to give Ozuna money. They did not explain where the money came from in November of 2007.

As for the phone records, Vidal said they looked into the Desert Heart Vascular Center where Dr.Gill worked.

The defense pointed out a local number had called 11 times and had been called 3 times from that location the day Dr.Gill was murdered.

Vidal said they never identified the caller.

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