IVC Gallery hosts first ever LGBTQ-Sponsored art exhibit

IVC Gallery hosts first ever LGBTQ-Sponsored art exhibit

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IMPERIAL - For the next 3 weeks, staff and students at Imperial Valley College will be able to enjoy a very unique art exhibition.

The art exhibition is the first ever LGBTQ-sponsored event at the campus gallery since it opened its doors 2 years ago.

The artwork includes everything from pencil drawings, paintings, Paper Mache and even a couple sculpture pieces.

The exhibit gave club members an opportunity to express themselves through the artwork.

"I think it's really critical for them", says Gallery Director, Carol Hegarty. "They are traditionally an under-served group that people don't pay attention to and don't even notice and yet they are very vibrant and have a lot of talent".

According to club members, the artwork will describe how they feel, their deepest thoughts and who they are as individuals.

"Very, very courageous, very brave of them", says LGBTQ Vice President Vanessa Lee. "It's very bold. Mainly for the fact that there are still some that, not just at the college but in the community here in the valley, who has not fully opened themselves up and they open themselves in their art which is more heartfelt than their words".

The art exhibition will be open Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm and will be open until October 26.

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