Helping Hands Assisting Elderly Neighbors

Helping Hands Assisting Elderly Neighbors


YUMA, AZ - Getting older is unpreventable. As we do age, all sorts of tasks big and small can become more difficult and that's where Helping Hands, a non profit organization offering a variety of services comes in.

Mary Bryant tells News 13, "Raising up my arms hurts when I reach for anything high. So, I have to be careful because it's the o'l heart that's acting naughty."

Mary is talking particularly about reaching up to change a light bulb or fix the ceiling vent that became broken in her home. At 89 years old Mary has always liked to be independent, but has turned to helping hands for some tasks that have become too hard for her.  She says "When you're on low income it's difficult to get by. I don't smoke I don't drink but still I like to eat."

Helping Hands in the Yuma foothills offers their assistance free of charge and currently serves 853 people. David Keller, a 5 year volunteer with the non-profit says "Helping Hands is a group of volunteers who are willing to go and do anything for anybody to keep them in their homes as long as they can stay there with a little help."

Currently the non-profit consists of 400 volunteers in the winter and 120 during the summer. For Ronald Potwin, also a volunteer for the last 2 years, he says he gets satisfaction out of helping others and enjoys visiting with those they assist. He tells News 13, "I hope when I get that old, If I make it there, that somebody will be around to help me a bit when I can't do certain things."

Mary says she has used Helping Hands off and on for a few years. She says the most difficult part about getting older is feeling lonely, and Helping Hands Volunteers is pleasant to have as company. She says, I just appreciate helping hands tremendously and their here when you need them."


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