Historical Yuma items heading to Phoenix temporarily

Historical Yuma items heading to Phoenix temporarily


Yuma, AZ-  It's a fact, Yuma County is rich with history.

One organization wants to better conserve it and make it easier to share with the rest of the world.

The Yuma County Historical Society is working on getting thousands of historical items ready to be sent to the Phoenix area.

On facebook, some were expressing their concerns over the items being sent to another area.

The historical society assures the items are only being sent away for a short time so they can be processed by the state and put into a historical data base online.

"They will be photographed, digitized, cleaned up and ready for storage. And those that come back will be put through the library system so they can be available for people to come and see," says Bruce Gwynn, Interim President of the Yuma County Historical society.

Gwynn says they expect most of the items to be returned within 60-90 days.

"The ones that can be quickly done will be done and returned. We have required in our memorandum that they do quarterly reports to let us know what's going on. So as they are ready they will return them, some of them may take longer," says Gwynn.

The items that will be processed include historical photographs, historical records, and oral histories. They expect to have the items packed and ready to go in the next 2 days.

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