"Pretty in Pink " event kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"Pretty in Pink " event kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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CALEXICO - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in Calexico over the weekend, the city and its Chamber of Commerce held a Luncheon and Fashion Show in support of the fight against breast cancer.

The event is called "Pretty in Pink" and for a great reason as pink was the color of choice for everyone that attended.

This is the first year that the city of Calexico hosts this event, but judging by the positive attitude, this event is going to be around for a while.

"We can fight this", says Calexico Chamber Commerce Director, Hildy Carrillo. "We just wanna make sure that local woman, women throughout the Imperial Valley region, get checked in time. And if you're suffering with Breast Cancer right now, we're here to help".

Hildy says that acceptance is vital in the battle against breast cancer.

"We're making it okay to talk about breast cancer, we're making it okay that you have breast cancer, we're making it okay that you've lost your hair, your eyelashes but you still look beautiful to us."

Lorena Moreno was diagnosed in April. She hopes to be a survivor by next year.

"I really like these events", says Lorena. "It means a lot to people that have breast cancer. I wish more people would come to them and be aware and take their exams for mammograms to take care of themselves".

The event featured a little bit of everything. Attendees were treated to a healthy meal followed by some delicious desserts, which by the way, were looking tasty from where I was standing.

There were plenty of refreshments for the ladies. Of course, the main one being pink lemonade.

Calexico Mayor Pro Tem Maritza Hurtado was the guest speaker. She too, is a survivor of breast cancer.

Lizbeth Alvarez volunteered her Saturday to help out with the event.

"It feels really good", she says. "Seeing ladies here that want to support the cause, it makes me feel like I can be part of something and that is very rewarding".

Local vendors were able to display their items for sale, many of which were aimed at breast cancer awareness.

Gabriela Moreno brought her daughters with her. She says that it is important that they are educated in this matter.

"I lost my mother when I was 6 years-old to breast cancer and I do have 2 daughters", she says. "It's very important to stay focused and know what is out there and what we can do to prevent it and to help".

Guests were also treated to a fashion show. The latest and greatest in dresses, skirts, shirts and purses that are out there.

At the end of the day, the crowd had only one message for those are battling this disease and it didn't involve any words. It was in a way of a long applause.

The event is just one of many that will take place throughout the month, not just in Calexico but throughout the Imperial Valley.

All of them with the same goal… to someday find the cure for breast cancer.

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