Calexico organizes a city-wide Fall Clean up

Calexico organizes a city-wide Fall Clean up

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CALEXICO - In an effort to keep the city clean and free of unwanted waste, the city held a community clean up this weekend.

Hundreds of Calexico residents lined up at the event. All of them with junk or unwanted items to get rid of as the fall season approaches.

Oh and by the way it was all free of charge.

"I am very happy with this event", says George Bicovarrubia. "I think it's perfect. We get the opportunity to keep our city clean. I was born and raised in Calexico. I've lived in several addresses in this city and this site is convenient and not very far from there".

Everything from yard waste, like tree branches or tree stumps, to concrete slabs that are just sitting around, to kitchen appliances like the old washer that was no longer working for Ralph Morales.

He says, "People don't have to have all their appliances that they no longer need around the house, which collect nothing but spiders and rodents that are very undesirable. It helps to clean the city".

The event takes place twice a year as a new season comes upon the community. It is the efforts of the city of Calexico and Allied Waste Services that makes the event a great resource for the community every six months.

To some though, every six months is maybe not enough

"What they do here is great", says Pedro Arias. "I wish they would have it more often. With the new season come new tasks like tree trimming and a lot of yard work. Winds are gonna pick up and there's gonna be a mess on the streets and we're gonna need somewhere to put all that waste. But this is great, don't get me wrong".

Pedro also wanted to emphasize how great the staff was. He says that they were all very courteous and very helpful.

The community clean up was just that, a local event for Calexico residents only. Those that came had to show proof of residency in the way of a utility bill or identification.

Once all logistics were taken care of, they were sent on their way to drop off their waste.

The event ran from 7am to 2pm and every minute was a busy one for those that were helping out with the event.

Those that came all did their small part to keep their community clean.

The event isn't going to benefit one or two people, it is going to benefit the community of Calexico as a whole as it ensures a cleaner city as the new season comes upon us.

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