Preston Strong Trial Day 33: Friends of Victim Testify

Preston Strong Trial Day 33: Friends of Victim Testify


YUMA, AZ - The prosecution started out Tuesdays proceedings with a video of cross examination with Robin Gogte who owned the home Dr. Satinder Gill was living in at the time of his murder in November 2007.

Robin Gogte is also the former wife of Dr. Saudheer Gogte who owned Desert Heart and Vascular Center of Yuma where Dr. Gill worked. During examination she testified she considered Dr. Gill a dear family friend and that he was living in their former home at the time of the murder.

She also testified she knew Adriana Ozuna and that she had a phone conversation with her about Dr. Gill after he showed interest in her. Ozuna was an employee at Desert Heart and the girlfriend of Preston Strong at the time of the murder.

Gogte also testified about phone conversations she had with her daughter Stephanie on November 1, 2007.

The conversation immediately had Ms Gogte concerned because it involved Stephanie picking up a check from Dr. Gilll. The prosecution said to Ms. Gogte "The situation you were hearing on the phone with Stephanie made you anxious. To which she replied it alerted her something was wrong."

She testified she wanted Stephanie to make a call and find out what was going on. She told the prosecution she had a sense of relief after Stephanie talked with Dr. Gill and was invited to have dinner with him that night.

However, Ms Gogte later learned from Stephanie Dr. Gill was a no show for dinner. She then testified she contacted the person that called to say they found Dr. Gills phone on 16th Street in Yuma. She told the prosecution she called the person to get details on why they had his phone. Ms. Gogte testified she told Stephanie to get in contact with police immediately.

After learning of Dr. Gill's death she contacted her husband who was at the Chicago O'Hare airport heading for India. She told him Dr. Gill was dead, but Dr. Gogte continued onto India and remained gone throughout the time the family was in Yuma for Dr. Gill's funeral.

The defense asked Ms Gogte "when you talked to Saudheer at the airport did you hear any sound of airplanes in the background?" Ms. Gogte replied, "I can't recall."

Next to testify was Patricia Lowman, who was Dr. Saudheer Gogte's realtor in selling his home to him and Robin in North Scottsdale. She told the court she was set up on a blind date with Dr. Gill by Dr. Gogte in the summer of 2007. She says they became friends but never saw him again until a surprise Birthday party was thrown for Dr. Gogte in October.

She testified she was told of Dr. Gill's death by Ms. Gogte a couple weeks after the murder took place. The defense asked Ms. Lowman "Did Robin Gogte tell you that Dr. Gill was strangled with a computer chord? Ms. Lowman replied yes and the defense then asked "did she explain to you how she got this information? Ms. Lowman replied "If she did I don't recall."

Court proceedings will continue Wednesday morning.

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