Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Stops in Yuma

Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Stops in Yuma


YUMA, AZ - With less than a month from election Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray is campaigning to voters party plans to bring back prosperity, equal opportunity and freedom to the United States of America.

He says, "right now they are slipping through our fingers. We all realize it and we will have something that democrats and republicans don't have. A chance at doing that what the voters will crave. Namely, we will put in a coalition government."

Those are just some of plans Judge Jim Gray is assuring Americans. Judge Gray is the running mate of Libertarian Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson.

The 25 year judge is visiting Yuma because he says it's important to both him and Johnson. He says, "It's close to the border. We're talking about immigration, were also talking about actually how to create jobs in our country and about our economy. They are all critically important to Governor Gary Johnson and me and the campaign."

The political candidate also met with KAWC encouraging voters to register their discontent. He says if your content with Romney, content with Obama, terrific vote form them, but if your not vote for Governor Gary Johnson. We'll stop all these military conflicts all around the world. We'll repeal this war on drugs and actually treat marijuana like alcohol."

Judge Gray tells news 13, it's crushing to not be a part of Thursdays vice presidential debate but he will be commenting on their campaign website throughout the debate. He says, "they don't give straight answers they don't give specifics, and I will. so tune in through the web at and that's the best we can do."

Gray will head to Orange County for Thursdays debate before heading to San Diego and New York.

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