LGBTQ holds Rainbow Flag-raising Ceremony at IVC Campus

LGBTQ holds Rainbow Flag-raising Ceremony at IVC Campus

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IMPERIAL - To celebrate National Coming Out Day, the LGBTQ club at Imperial Valley College held a rainbow flag-raising ceremony on Thursday afternoon.

There was no better way to celebrate such a special day in the LGBTQP Community than by raising the flag that represents them, high, for everyone to see.

Despite National Coming Out Day being official since 1988, the Flag-Raising ceremony on campus was the first one ever at Imperial Valley College… quite an accomplishment for the members of The LGBTQ Club.

"To me the, the rainbow flag represents equality for everybody", says LGBTQ Member, Daniel Bermudez. "It's full of different colors because it's supposed to represent different diversities as far as ethnicity, cultures, backgrounds, religions; it's just a great flag to have. It represents everyone".

The flag-raising was presented in front of dozens of Imperial Valley College students, staff, as well outside attendees.

Club members came out in front of the crowd to say a few words… some of the subjects addressed were how hard it was to come out, to both families and friends, as well as how hard it is to deal with rejection on a daily basis.

Like Daniel, other members of the club see the flag as everything they believe in and will continue see it that way, despite the continuing rejection by many in society.

Imperial Valley College LGBTQ Vice President, Vanessa Lee certainly feels that way.

"It's showing the we're publicly putting ourselves out there", she says. "We know for a fact that we might not get a lot of positive responses to it. It shows that even though we're putting ourselves out there we might get hurt along the way, we're still gonna be out there and we're gonna be standing tall as much as that flag will".

In what was quite fitting, the crowd had the pleasure of listening to several club members perform Katy Perry's song Firework.

It was so windy that at one point, someone had to hold the flagpole so that the flag didn't hit the ground and it remain waving in the wind to the sound of the music.

It was quite fitting that wind conditions were so high as it allowed the flag to wave in the wind as a symbol for Pride and Hope.

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