Preston Strong guilty of first degree murder and other charges

Preston Strong guilty of first degree murder and other charges


Yuma, AZ - It took Superior Court Judge John Nelson only 15 minutes to make his decision of guilty.

He found Preston Strong guilty of first degree murder and 7 other charges including kidnapping, burglary, aggravated assault and arson.

The judge said he reviewed the statutes in this case once again and throughout the hearings in this trail. He says evidence suggests Strong was the one who killed Doctor Satinder Gill nearly 5 years.

Before the verdict was read, closing arguments were heard through out the day from both sides.

The prosecution went first.

"This was one man's greed, one man's jealousy, and one man's need for respect. That of Preston Strong the defendant. The evidence in this trial will reveal that the target focus of Mr. Strong's greed and jealousy was Dr. Satinder Gill," said William Katz a Yuma County State Prosecutor.

The prosecution went over a time line highlighting what they believed to be important facts. Their closing arguments lasted for more than 2 hours.

Then the defense has their turn.

"What we have heard for the last 2- 1/2 hours is a combination of speculation, character assassination, grossly unsubstantiated conclusions, assumed facts not in evidence, and smoke mirrors with a dash of mitigated hog wash," said Kristi Riggins a Yuma County Public Defender.

The defense said there was no real evidence against Strong. No DNA evidence connecting Strong to the murder scene was ever found and no eye witnesses came forward.

Strong's sentencing hearing will take place in November.

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