Yuma County's most wanted

Yuma County's most wanted

Matthew Mario Sanchez Matthew Mario Sanchez
Coleen Marie Aguilar Coleen Marie Aguilar
Daniel John Doerr Daniel John Doerr
Jessica Kay Clawson Jessica Kay Clawson

Yuma, AZ- The Yuma County Adult Probation Office needs your help locating some of their most wanted who have violated their probation.

Matthew Mario Sanchez

Hispanic male, born 7/17/1988.  Height 5' 7", weight 150.  Black hair, brown eyes.  Aliases:  Matt Sanchez/"Shady."  Tattoos:  left forearm – "Kimberly"/left elbow – "Paul"/right forearm – "Shady"/upper right arm – multiple clown faces/upper chest – "Ellah Rae"/lower abdomen – "Priceless"/left leg – "928"/back – "Arizona."  His probation violation is for the original conviction of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a class 6 Felony.

Coleen Marie Aguilar

Native American, born 11/6/1980.  Height 5' 6", weight 280.  Black hair, brown eyes.  Aliases:  Lisa Marie Williams/Coleen Marie Williams/Lisa Marie Aguilar.  Tattoos:  back – a Clown face/left thigh – a Rose/left calf – Dream Catcher with a Feather, a Rose & "M"/right calf – "LG"/right hand – "Marie" & 7 dots.  Her probation violations are for the original convictions of Endangerment, a class 6 Felony and Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor, a class 1 Misdemeanor.

Daniel John Doerr

White male, born 10/8/1979.  Height 6' 2", weight 305.  Brown hair, blue eyes.  Tattoos:  tribal on both arms/left calf – tribal with "1994 – 1998"/right leg – Japanese dragon. Tiger & Samurai.  His probation violation is for the original conviction of Theft, a class 6 Felony.

 Jessica Kay Clawson

White female, born 9/10/1987.  Height 5' 5", weight 160.  Brown hair, blue eyes.  Alias: Jessica Gray.  Her probation violation is for the original conviction of Disorderly Conduct per Domestic Violence, a class 1 Misdemeanor.

If you have information that would lead to the arrest of any of them, call Beto Borquez at 928-329-2210, Ext. 2342.

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