MCAS to perform special exercise training in Yuma

MCAS to perform special exercise training in Yuma


Yuma, AZ- You may see aircraft over head, military vehicles, and service men and women out on the streets this Friday in Yuma.

The Marine Corps Air Station wants you to not be alarmed, as for this is only a special training.

It's a Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics instructor course to teach students non- combatant evacuation operation exercises.

"We provide the students the most realist training that we can in order to allow them to conduct this mission in the real world. From a historical perspective their has been 16 NEOS that have taken place since the Korean war those range from Vietnam, to Somalia, to Lebanon," said Major William Lewis with MAWTS-1.

Major Lewis says this training is invaluable for the students who participate.

"I'm sure as you have seen in the news recently protests taking place outside of the U.S. Embassy and throughout the globe, the reality is this is a mission that the students may as they leave here have to actually be called upon to conduct and reality is, this is the best location for the training," said Major Lewis.

The main action will take place at Kiwanis park on Magnolia Ave and 8th street.

Hours are from 4-10pm.

The public is invited to watch.

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