Yuma Visitors Bureau Launches Yuma 101 Initiative

Yuma Visitors Bureau Launches Yuma 101 Initiative


YUMA, AZ - with winter visitors arriving the Yuma Visitors Bureau is kicking off a year long campaign called Yuma 101. The new program is geared towards the business community to educate on what Yuma has to offer.

Linda Jordan with the Yuma Visitors Bureau says "Yuma is often known as a pass through community and as a pass through community we know the people who have an opportunity to talk to potential Yuma visitors are front line staff."

Jordan says front line staff can act as a "sales team" for Yuma. She says by doing this it will educate our visitors to come back or stay longer which is important to the economy. Jordan says "When someone comes to Yuma and spends money in a business of course it helps that business if they spend the night in hotels, eat in our restaurant, and shop here. That is all good for Yuma because the sales tax that generated is used for things like our city parks and arts that the community enjoys"

Yuma is full of history which is why tourism works. Places like the Quartermaster Depot and Yuma Territorial Prison that no longer make the town a pass through community.Not far behind agriculture and the military tourism is the third highest revenue producing industry in the community.

Jordan says the three key points of Yuma 101are tourism, customer service and what there is to do in Yuma. Jordan says, "So if you're a front desk clerk and somebody comes to you and says I'm here just for one night, what is there to do? You know what there is to do in Yuma and you know where to go to find the information."

The Yuma Visitors Bureau will hold a day long training session of Yuma 101 on October 30, 2012 at 10a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Hampton Inn. For more information call 928.376.0100 or go to www.visityuma.com

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