Special military training happens in Yuma

Special military training happens in Yuma


Yuma, AZ- Ch 53 helicopters, Uh-1's, taking off and landing in the middle of Kiwanis park.

It was all a part of a special training exercise put on by the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma.

They were conducting a non-combatant evacuation operation exercise.

The Weapons and Tactics Instructor course offers students realistic training consistent with a mission that they might one day be called upon to execute.

Over a hundred marines participated, each with a separate part to play.

"My roll is to provide a security element around the landing zone with vehicles," said Staff Sergeant Kristopher Lucas with MAWTS 1.

While other marines played the roles of civilians in need of rescue.

"I'm a dentist with 2 bags, I'm not supposed to be the rowdy one, usually they have the younger ones take those roles. Then we will board a plane," Jacob Yingling, from Camp Pendleton, CA.

Corporal Ian Oguma was playing the role of a non-compliant 20-year old. He says these exercises are very important for the military to practice.

"We have to learn how to deal with a variety of people in different situations. If people get aggressive you have to know how to deal with that," Said Oguma.

 The exercise lasted for about 6 hours.

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