Congressman Grijalva Sponsors a Workshop to help Yuma Veterans

Congressman Grijalva Sponsors a Workshop to help Yuma Veterans


YUMA, AZ - Transitioning from the military to civilian life doesn't come easy for many veterans and their families, but with assistance from local agencies it's easier.

Congressman Raul Grijalva says "This whole thing is not just going to be about sitting down and learning a job. Rather, it's going to be about communication skills, coping skills, and working family issues." He says, the best way to get out of this economy is to put people to work. He says reintegrating veterans into the workforce is key.

The Department of Economic Security, Veterans Service reps and YPIC's workforce services are all available to vets and their spouses. With the help of these agencies veterans can not only get help finding a job, but will learn how to transfer their skills onto resumes for good paying jobs.

Patrick Goetz from Yuma Private Industry Council says the problem we're facing nationwide with unemployed veterans has to do with the down sizing of the military. However, He says thanks to the Workforce Investment Act veterans have priority. Goetz says there are a lot of employers out there that are targeting the veterans because they are very experienced and their wanted by a lot of our employers."

Congressman Grijalva says integration isn't easy...but with guidance and job training it isn't impossible. He adds it's important to our veterans and our economy. He tells News 13, "73,000 of our homeless walking around are Vietnam veterans and I don't want history or time to repeat that mistake."


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