Two U.S. Senate candidates face off in Yuma debate

Two U.S. Senate candidates face off in Yuma debate


Yuma, AZ- With less than 2 weeks to go until Election Day, two contenders for Jon Kyl's U.S. Senate Seat squared off on the campus of Arizona Western College in Yuma.

Republican candidate Jeff Flake and Democratic candidate Richard Carmona both discussed their stances on issues important to voters here in the Desert Southwest including the Dream Act, immigration, jobs and taxes.

The race has been a contentious one with attack ads coming from both sides and even more attacks during this debate.

"If you look at 12 years of Flakes attendance in committees and subcommittees, out of about the 1300 that are listed he missed 800 of them. You can't do the job if your not at work. If any of us missed 2/3 of our work we would be fired," said Dr. Carmona.

"In terms of an attendance record, I think he's trying to cover up for something that we pointed out. Dr. Carmona did not vote in the 2010 elections in the primary or general. The Pima County office showed him as not having voted. How can he ask people to vote if he didn't even bother to vote in the last election," said Flake.

In September, Carmona was leading Flake 44% to 39% with 16 percent undecided.

According to the Associated Press and Rasmussen poll, Flake currently is leading by about 5%.

Each candidate tells News 13 during one on one interviews why people in Yuma County should give them their vote.

"I've been a soldier, I've been a doctor, Surgeon General. My whole life has been about public service. I know this state very well. I have worked here as a doctor, a police officer. I am Latino, I understand the issues along the border," said Dr. Carmona.

"The big issue is about jobs and the economy. We have persistent high unemployment here. The highest in the country. We need somebody who understands how the economy works and that's to get the federal government to have a stable tax environment and lower regulations. That's what's killing this community. We also need a commuter program and guest worker program," said Flake.

As for who is the best candidate, that's up to you to decide.

For more information on where these candidates stand on issues, visit these websites:


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