Yuma rodeo teen queen has been stripped of her title

Yuma rodeo teen queen has been stripped of her title


Yuma, AZ- 16-year old Alicia Crowder Morehead will no longer be representing the Yuma Jaycees as their Silver Spur Rodeo Teen Queen.

Her mother Victoria Crowder-Morehead says they took the title away from her due to personal issues.

"Why they banned her, we don't know. We still have yet to figure that out. The only recourse we know is because of a personal conflict from them to us and by that I mean from those members to myself and my husband. But their only course of action is to make Alicia Suffer," said Victoria.

The Yuma Jaycees tell News 13 they had no choice but to dismiss Alisha. They say it had nothing to do with the teen but all to do with her mother Victoria.

They say they had received numerous complaints about Victoria at several rodeo events which they consider to be a breach of the contract.

"In a matter of speaking- the parents also represent. They may not be member but with their daughter being in the position she was in. It puts them in a position to be respectful," said Gwynn Roach with the Yuma Jaycees.

The Yuma Jaycees say they offered to allow the teen queen to represent them but without her mother present.

Alisha is a minor and her mother is not okay with her traveling without her.

"If you have an issue with me, let there be an issue with me. We will find someone within the organization that can be a mediator between the two of us. I don't have to talk to you, you don't have to talk to me. But don't take it out on this young girl," said Victoria.

Victoria says Alisha dreams to be crowned Ms. Rodeo America one day and with the Jaycees taking away her title that may diminish her chances of accomplishing her goal.

The Yuma Jaycees say they have had several meetings and they couldn't come to any sort of agreement.

"It's been handled the best it can. It's not a fun situation by any means. It's not something anyone wants to have to go through. It's not something we wanted to do. We don't want to take this girls crown from her. We exercised every possible outcome we could think of and we took steps along the way to try and make things work. This was the last resort," said Roach.

From here the issue will be handled by attorney's on both sides.

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