Record numbers for registered Voters in Imperial County

Record numbers for registered Voters in Imperial County

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IMPERIAL COUNTY - With just 8 days until Election Day, over 60,000 Imperial Valley residents are registered to vote; all of them hoping that their grain of salt makes a difference.

The number of residents that registered this year is up from 4 years ago when the Imperial Valley only saw about 56,000 come out and fill out their applications.

Sylvia Bermudez is with The Imperial County Registrar of Voters, she says that residents are hoping that their vote turns into a better situation in Imperial County

"I think it shows that they're really getting interested in the politics and hoping to get some people in here that can potentially change the economic growth here and just overall, bettering our community".

Out of the 56,000 that registered to vote 4 years ago, less than 30,000 actually voted.

One of those residents that didn't vote was Antonio Castañeda. A resident in El Centro for over 45 years, Antonio says that he finally believes that his vote matters.

"As I got older, I listened more to the news and I think that my vote does make a difference and that is the reason I started this year to vote".

Maria Amaya was already turning in her ballot. She will not be in town on November 6th, but she made sure to get it done because she knows how great it is to live in this country.

"In other countries, people are dying for this right", she says. "As a U.S. citizen, I want everybody to vote. It might not be important to you but in the long run it is important, it is our right".

According to Juan Amayo, people complain and voice their opinion about politics everyday. He says that the right to vote is a right that they should exercise if they want to see a difference.

"If you don't vote, you can't complain", he says "To me, it's very important; for everyone. If you did not show up to vote, quit complaining".

Maria emphasizes that as a woman; she is proud to say that she votes and will always vote.

"I do want to be counted", she says. "Every person should be counted. People fought and died for this right and as a female we need to vote. It took a long time for females to vote in this country".

The total number of residents registered is still being determined as the Registrar of Voters is still processing the applications. They just hope that every single one of them shows on November 6th.

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