Effects of Sandy Felt in Desert Southwest

Effects of Sandy Felt in Desert Southwest


YUMA - Although the monster storm formerly known as Sandy is thousands of miles away, its effects are being felt very close to home in the desert southwest. Some of the effects are obvious; others less so. Some ... may be yet to come.

Yuma International Airport was very quiet . Gen Grosse of the Airport Authority says it's business as usual getting in and out of Yuma. Most Yuma flights connect to LAX or Sky Harbor International in Phoenix. Flights there? Definitely not business as usual. Thousands of people have been stranded due to cancelled or delayed flights. There are similar effects in Phoenix on a smaller scale.

La Guardia, JFK and Newark International airports are all closed and the effects are rippling across the country. So if you're traveling this week, check ahead to make sure your connecting flights are running on time ... or running at all.

Some people from the desert southwest who are very likely to be traveling soon? Disaster volunteers. Andretta Schellinger is an Emergency Services Specialist for the American Red Cross.

"We do have a lot of volunteers that are on standby to go over to support the shelters if needed. One thing a lot of people don't know is those shelters can start up and be managed by those on the ground. Over 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, they need replacements."

About 30-volunteers from the desert southwest are ready to go help out in storm torn areas for anywhere from two to three weeks.

Another local effect of faraway Sandy is delayed package deliveries.

If you're expecting an overnight delivery to or from New York, you might be waiting a while. On Monday, Fedex wasn't picking up or dropping off in many areas affected by the storm.

Bonnie Fay of Federal Express issued this statement today:

"FedEx is part of the community and we are concerned for everyone affected. To protect the safety of our team members, we have temporarily closed facilities and stopped pickups and deliveries in some areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy ... Local disruptions may occur as authorities restrict access or downed power lines, road closures and/or storm debris limit our access."

   Today on Facebook, KSWT asked you to share the ways Hurricane Sandy has affected your life in the Desert Southwest. Here's what a couple of you had to say. Regina Cushman wrote:

"My fiance works for a national flood & fire restoration company...he flew out of Yuma today got to Phoenix & now has to wait to fly into Pittsburgh cause his flight was cancelled."

And another poster raised an important angle to the storm, one we might not feel immediately. Buddy James Canada posted:

   "I'm willing to bet one way or another, this will be explained as a cause for rising gas prices in the next few days."

   An interesting point, since higher gas prices typically bring higher prices of delivered items like food and clothing. Ironically, if it happens, this could be the quiet before the storm.

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