Yumans use social media to contact loved ones during Sandy

Yumans use social media to contact loved ones during Sandy

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Yuma--The devastation spread far beyond the East coast...

Residents in Yuma have been on edge trying to contact loved ones trapped in the middle of this monster storm.

Social media is playing a big role in keeping families connected.

Cell phones, the new life line that helped several Yumans who survived the deadly storm, stay connected as loved ones tried to contact them following the aftermath of super storm Sandy.

Amanda Guptill, who now lives in new jersey, is one of the millions of people without electricity.

For now, her car is her only source of power.

"Its Facebook or text, not a lot of calls are coming through but Facebook is pretty much a life saver at this point," Guptill said.

Itzel Iniguez, who also experienced this deadly storm, said downed power lines and cell phone towers has made it hard to get through.

However, she found a way around jammed phone lines by sending text messages and by posting on Facebook to keep her family from also being in the dark.

"I call my mom and my sister every single day," Iniguez said. "I make sure I talk to them to keep them updated."

Iniguez tells News 13 she can see New Yorkers feeling anxious as stores are quickly running out of groceries and supplies.

"The market was completely empty, there was no water...everyone took all the water." she said.  "There was absolutely no bread in the bread aisle, it was all gone. Nothing not even bagels, nothing."

Guptill said the streets in New Jersey are now empty.

"There's nothing, there's no power, there's no anything," Guptill said. "It's kind of like a ghost town, its weird."

While both former Yuma residents may be counting their blessings, there's one message they'd like their families to know: All is okay, at least for them.

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