U.S. Marshals Warn Sex Predators About Halloween Night

U.S. Marshals Warn Sex Predators About Halloween Night


Yuma, AZ - Sex predators be warned law enforcement agents plan to keep an extra eye out on you to make sure kids are safe when they go door to door trick-or-treating.

One U.S. Deputy Marshall out on patrol says "On Halloween night we'll be making sure the sex offenders are not passing out any candy, lights are not on and that is for the safety of our kids."

It's called Operation Safe Treat. The U.S. Marshals along with the FBI, Yuma County Sheriff's office and other state and federal agencies knocked on doors where known sex predators live throughout Yuma County to also make sure they are registered with police.

From level one to level three no sex offender goes without warning. In a three day span the U.S. Marshals are visiting over 200 sex predators homes.

John Price lives in the same neighborhood as a known sex offender. The thought of his grand kids trick-or-treating in harms way is frightening. He tells News 13, "It scares me, it really scares me because I just hope their out enforcing and watching these young people and I hope the parents go with them and don't just send them out."

The U.S. Marshals say already they've arrested one sex predator for breaking the law and failing to register. Agents say that's one less predator taken off the streets for now.

U.S. Marshals tell News 13 "It's very important to conduct this every year due to the safety of our kids in our community and this is something we give back to our community to make sure our kids our safe during that night."

A simple warning to all parents, tell your children if you see a home without lights and decorations, avoid knocking on that door.



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