Brawley resident's daughters in Hurricane Sandy's path

Brawley resident's daughters in Hurricane Sandy's path

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BRAWLEY - The effects from Hurricane Sandy are devastating, but not just on the East coast as Mother Nature has once again impacted the whole country.

Hurricane Sandy might be causing physical damage to those that live on the east coast but emotionally, residents across the nation are filled with worry for family members that live on that side of the country.

One of those is Jay Kruger. The Brawley resident has two daughters that live on the east coast.

Jay's concerns only got bigger when he picked up the newspaper this morning and saw the front page news. Hurricane Sandy had taken 13 lives.

"A picture of the coastline being beat up around New York", he says. "My daughter and her husband live about 400 feet from the Hudson River and I was shocked. I immediately got on the phone tried to get a hold of them. I couldn't get a hold of them for a couple of hours".

Erin Michelle is his oldest daughter. She lives in Weehawken, New Jersey, where hundreds of residents are already left without power, water and are running short on supplies.

"They've had their lights out for 2 days now", says Jay. "She says that Con Edison people told her that it's gonna 4 more days so their hold up for at least the next week in their little apartment in New Jersey".

Noelle Ellis is his other daughter. She lives in Keen, New Hampshire. Sandy has claimed at least one life in that state.

Jay couldn't get a hold of 44 year-old Noelle all day on Tuesday. Her husband recently died and she has 3 kids she's had to take care of by herself since.

"You're anxious, you're palms sweat, you wanna get in an airplane and give them the flashlights and the canned foods and there is nothing you can do but sit here".

Jay has three other daughters. They've been very supportive and in contact with Noelle and Erin. They just hope that everyone comes out alright out of all this.

During our interview, Noelle finally answered her phone. She explained to Jay that they were fine, just without a lot of resources.

If the past has shown us anything is that this Country can and will recover and get back up from this event.

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