Yuma County sees spike in returned early ballots

Yuma County sees spike in returned early ballots


Yuma, AZ- Volunteers are helping out with the high volume of early ballots being returned.

Robyn Stallworth Pouquette the Yuma County Recorder says they've been very busy in her office.

"It's been a really positive excitement among the staff and the volunteers. Our work flow is so much greater than it has been in years past that we are now utilizing volunteers," said Pouquette.

Poquette says they have already received over 18,000 early ballots, which is more than they expected. In previous years, Yuma County usually has had a lower early ballot turnout the week before the election.

She says about 40,000 ballots have been sent out and more are expected to come in.

"We would like all those early ballots returned within the next few days because it takes a process to go through the signature verification and get those accepted before they are even counted. So if ballots are dropped off at the vote centers they aren't necessarily part of the election results on Tuesday night," said Pouquette.

She says the early ballots must be received by Tuesday before 7pm.

If people are unsure if their ballot will make it by mail, they can drop it off at the secure drop off box located at 410 S Maiden Lane.

Pouquette says no matter what party you're a supporter of, it's important to exercise your right to vote.

"You are voting for representation across the board on every issue that affects you and your family and I think that is extremely important," said Pouquette.

The Yuma County Recorder's Office will keep their doors open this weekend. This is the first time they have done this before Election Day.

For more information on voting in Yuma County, Visit- http://www.yumacountyaz.gov/index.aspx?page=93

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