Impact Aid Survey Can Mean More Money To Yuma Schools

Impact Aid Survey Can Mean More Money To Yuma Schools

YUMA - School is in full swing, and students are bringing home everything from report cards to field trip permission slips. On Thursday, they're bringing home a form parents and guardians will want fill out and return. Students in the Yuma Union High School District will be sent home with a one-page form. It's important for parents and guardians to get the forms completed and returned to the school. Toni Badone is the superintendent for the Yuma Union High School District.

"There's a threshold, so you have to have so many forms come in. Both from every student and students who are federally connected," explains Badone.

Federally connected. That refers to students who live on federal property, or whose parent or guardian is a civilian employee who works on federal or Indian property, like MCAS Yuma or the Cocopah Reservation.

The forms can mean big bucks to help a school district strapped by deep budget cuts. Yuma Elementary School District #1 brought in more than $580,000 in impact aid for the 2011 - 2012 school year.

YUHSD isn't cashing in ... yet.

"We have not in the past had enough of those forms come in, we've been close, but not enough, yet we share the same families with our partner, elementary districts. So we believe that if all the forms come in, we may be eligible," said Badone.

Again, the forms go out Thursday. They are a one-sided, single sheet and they are completely anonymous. Parents and guardians are urged to turn them in, one for every child in the Yuma Union High School District that's in the household. It could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars to the general fund."

Superintendent Badone says the money can be used in a variety of ways, including hiring more teachers bringing classroom sizes down,   and bringing high school grades up.

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