88 MCAS Yuma Marines Return Home

88 MCAS Yuma Marines Return Home


YUMA - About 90 Yuma-based marines are back home with their friends and families tonight. Hundreds gathered at the Avengers hangar at MCAS Yuma this afternoon to welcome the marines home. Marine Attack Squadron 211 and Marine Aircraft Group -13, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing are back from a 6-month deployment in Afghanistan.

But not everyone who was deployed is coming home. Two Yuma-based marines from the units were killed on this latest deployment. Lieutenant Colonel Christopher K. Raible and Sergeant Bradley W. Atwell were killed in a Taliban attack at Camp Bastion on September 15th.

Capt. Staci Reidinger says in the Marine Corps ... no one is alone.

"The incident that happened back in September ... sure it's lingering in everyone's mind. The big thing I want everyone out in the public to realize is that this is everyone's family. We're at duty stations around the globe. Lots of times, our brothers-in-arms, sisters-in-arms and family members they do become our true family, so today is that time," says Capt. Reidinger.

The hangar doors opened shortly before three this afternoon as the marines arrived home a little earlier than expected. Lots of hugs and kisses followed their entrance.

More marines from VMA-211 and MALS-13 are scheduled to come home tomorrow. It's not known how long it will be before their next deployment.

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