Neighbor Talks After Yuma Trailer Park Shooting

Neighbor Talks After Yuma Trailer Park Shooting


YUMA - Bullet holes. Shattered glass. Lingering signs of Sunday night's gunfire at a small trailer park in the 800-block of South George Belle Avenue in Yuma.

Some neighbors say 50-year-old Terry Dean Cordero-Torres is a good man who made some bad choices. Gary Fryman's trailer is just a few feet away from the alleged shooter's.

"Bam! Bam! And I heard the shattering of the glass, because he shot out his own window next door," explained Fryman.

Neighbors say Cordero-Torres came outside, stood near the back of this pickup and shot again -- this time towards a trailer on the other side of the park.

At least one bullet went through a box on the patio and shattered a large aquarium sitting outside the trailer.

"He's a danger. He's a danger to everybody, not just himself, but the whole area," says Fryman.

Yuma County Sheriff's Deputies responded to reports of gunfire around 10:30 Sunday night. Fryman says this isn't the first time authorities have dealt with Cordero-Torres.

"They took him one day for about two hours, and I signed a complaint then of disturbing the peace on him."

Fryman says Cordero-Torres has previously shown signs of paranoia.

"He called them [the authorities] himself, because people were after him. Imaginary people were chasing him," says Fryman.

Three hours after the shooting began, deputies arrested Cordero-Torres for felony endangerment and disorderly conduct.

No one was hurt in Sunday night's shooting.

Cordero-Torres was in court Monday afternoon. His bond is set at $100,000. He's due back in court on Wednesday.

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