Third Party Escorted off Voting Premises in San Luis

Third Party Escorted off Voting Premises in San Luis


YUMA, AZ – Yuma County officials were notified on election day by poll watchers that a third party group was soliciting voters inside the San Luis polling area. A direct action prohibited when it comes to the privacy of voters.

Poll watchers tell News 13, a third party group called La Paz was escorted off the voting premises by San Luis Police at the Fernando Padilla Community Center. They say Paz was allegedly soliciting voters and helping them vote. A direct violation against campaigning rules and regulations which state you cannot campaign within the 75 foot line.

Shanna Orlich a poll watcher gives us some better insight as to what exactly was taking place. She says, "They were soliciting voters in the voting site to help fill out the ballot for them and they were doing this one voter after another to go in with them to the polling site and into the booth to vote."

Additionally, the Chairman of the Yuma County Republican Party says one other issue was the fact many of the polling sites were running out of paper causing longer lines for voters.



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