San Luis Poll Watcher says Voters Sanctity of Privacy was Broken

San Luis Poll Watcher says Voters Sanctity of Privacy was Broken


SAN LUIS, AZ - Illegal activity and the sanctity of voter privacy are broken at the San Luis voting center, according to one poll observer. Yira Hoffmann, a poll observer for the Yuma County Republican Party says "They blatantly disregard everything that their taught because they break the law constantly all day long." Hoffmann is referring to the people who work the polls in San Luis.

She says, they go through training and they know what they can and cannot do. However, during Tuesdays Election Day rules and laws didn't seem to apply.

There were community organizers inside the polling place and they were helping voters they were soliciting voters. The organization is called La Paz, and like any other person not in line to vote they should not have been past the 75 foot line let alone inside the voting area. 

Hoffmann says La Paz were not the only ones breaking the law. She says even poll workers who are there to help voters were not following the rules. She says "The poll worker told the voters the person from La Paz can help you, which is illegal."

Hoffman says this is her third time working elections in San Luis and time after time it's the same situation. She says the elections office can only do so much, but something has to be done. She says "So, they do the best they can but there is nobody there, no presence of someone keeping the law.

The Yuma County Voters Office says the inspector and marshal are in charge of the voting area and appeared to be following protocol during Election Day.




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