Post-Election Foothills Flag Flies Upside-Down at Half-Mast

Post-Election Foothills Flag Flies Upside-Down at Half-Mast


YUMA - An American flag flies upside-down and at half mast today. Just one symbolic gesture among many, as voters display their post-election feelings.

What makes this particular act stand out, is who allegedly owns the flag. The man who lives next-door says the flag was hoisted by Ginger Jane Hammack. She was a candidate for the County Board of Supervisors, District 3.

Daniel Wallace is the man who lives next-door. He says Hammack raised the flag Wednesday morning. Wallace says he believes the improper flying of the flag is disrespectful.

Presumably, it's was raised as sort of election protest, but only the person who hoisted the flag knows the true message it was meant to convey.

Regardless of whether people approve or disapprove of the symbolic protest, it serves as a reminder. We live in a country where people are free to have different opinions, and free to express them.

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