Post-Election Foothills Flag Protest Changes

Post-Election Foothills Flag Protest Changes


Yuma Foothills - The day after the general elections, Ginger Jane Hammack hoisted the flag in front of her home upside-down and at half-mast.

"It's because of my love for country and it's a statement that has to be made. We are not happy. We are not happy," explains Hammack.

Hammack ran for County Board of Supervisors, District 3.

Some people, like Ginger Hammack's next-door neighbor, Daniel Wallace, say her flag-flying protest is disrespectful.

"There are other ways to express your opinion as well other than saying, America, I don't believe in you and I'm going to show it by displaying the flag upside-down and at half mast," says Wallace.

Hammack says a half-mast flag is a sign of mourning. She says an upside-down flag is a sign of distress. After the elections, she wanted to express both. But the inverted flag raised a few eyebrows even within the ranks of Hammack's own campaign.

"I had some e-mails where they said they were doing the same thing on the half mast, but there's some confliction with what's meant by the flag being upside-down," said Hammack.

So Hammack decided to do something many Washington politicians seem to struggle with. She compromised.

"It was confusing, so I said, you know mourning is good enough. Half mast makes a strong enough statement," said Hammack.

Hammack's flag is now flying right-side up again. But she says she'll keep it at half mast until Inauguration Day in January.

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