I.V. Veteran honors his fellow comrades with 10-mile road march

I.V. Veteran honors his fellow comrades with 10-mile road march

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EL CENTRO - While the nation has many ways of celebrating Veteran's Day today, in Imperial Valley, a local veteran honored his fellow comrades in his own special way.

While many around the country are celebrating Veteran's Day by putting on huge concerts and events, Imperial Valley resident, Ray Ramos, took a different route… literally.

There were no balloons, there were no free T-shirts, and there was no band or music playing.

It was just a few friends and family members taking a walk to honor Veterans, not just those in The Imperial Valley, but across the nation.

"I'm just here for Veterans of the past, present, and future that have served and are serving and have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country", says Army Ranger Veteran, Ray Ramos. "I'm just doing this walk in memory of them. Everyday is Veteran's Day, you can't say that just this one day is Veteran's Day because everyday, you should thank a Veteran and tell them that you appreciate what they've done for their country".

Ray came up with the idea of doing a road march across the city sitting at a local restaurant with some friends.

He says that the walk means a lot more than any big celebration because like being in the military, it took a lot of heart to do.

"This is just a minute way, a sacrifice that I can give back to them", he says. "There's much more I can do or say but it's not about money, it's not about fame, it's about showing and remembering the people that have given their lives, the fallen, and the people that are serving now".

The road march took the group from Sunbeam Lake in Seeley and through the city of El Centro.

Edgar Bejarano served with Ray at 1st Ranger Battalion in Georgia. Despite his injuries from military service, Edgar decided to do the road march because it's the least he can do for his fellow Veterans.

"Today what means to me is dedication that we have all put in", says Edgar. "Not just Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy, everybody as a unit that has helped and chosen the military path".

Galinda Chavez and her family joined the group. She says that supporting Veterans by doing the road march is just a small piece of gratitude towards those that served

"Showing that gratitude towards them having defended our country and making us feel safer here at home. I think it's a nice way of saying thank you".

If at any point, any of the walkers felt like stopping, that thought quickly disappeared when several cars driving by honked and waved at them

Vietnam Veteran James Storms did the road march. He says that he walked in order to represent those that have served, from the young to the seasoned.

"I feel privileged to come out and represent some of the Veterans here in The Valley", he says. "There are a lot of Veterans and just to be able to represent them and the Vietnam Vets, some of those old-timers".

The road march ended at Applebee's in El Centro, one of the many restaurants that was offering a free entrée to Veterans.

And how'd the group feel after completing the rigorous 10-mile road march?

And with that, Veteran's day was a good one for those that marched… all for the love of their country.

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